2002 - 2018

How we met
Feburary 19th we adopted Tig from the humane society. He was a scared boy not wanting to come out of his crate. He was passed around from family member to family member as we all held him. 4 little kids so excited to be getting a cat! He came home with us that night.

What Tiger liked.
Tig loved looking out our back door window watching birds. He would love to play goalie for Zachary’s mini stick hockey games or watch tv for hours on the arm of the couch next to Tj. If Meghan or Rebecca would be doing homework at the table you bet he was sitting right on top if their books begging for attention. At the end of the day he would snuggle up in Todds room and go to bed before making his nightly rounds through the house meowing at the top of his lungs.
Tiger's legacy.
Tig will be remembered through his great family, Todd, Tj, Meghan, Rebecca, Zachary, and his brother Jim. The memories of good times with Tig like trips to grandma’s, weekends under the neighbors deck, pooping in our shoes, and tuna dinners will be forever in our hearts. Tig was the best person in a cats body and the most valuable family member we have had. He was the absolute best thing to ever happen to us.