As a pet owner, you have the special responsibility of making aftercare choices on your pet’s behalf. Working together with your veterinary clinic, we will gently guide you through the process of making cremation arrangements that are fitting for you and your pet.

Providing only the best and finest pet memorial services, we offer a variety of cremation options in both our facilities for dogs, cats, goats, exotic pets, horses, or other large animals. As caring pet owners ourselves, we can assure you that your special family member will be handled in the most gentle and dignified manner possible.


Keeping the memory of your pet close to your heart, a communal cremation offers both peace of mind and solace. With communal cremation, your pet is gently placed into the crematory together with other pets.

Because no cremated remains are returned to you when you choose a communal cremation, you may wish to consider one of our personalized memorial paw prints as a timeless remembrance.

Individual Cremation

Individual cremation provides you with the opportunity to keep your pet’s cremated remains as a permanent and personal keepsake. When you choose individual cremation, your treasured pet is placed into the crematory and separated from the other pets with partitions. When the cremation process is complete, we ensure that you receive only the cremated remains of your pet. Abbey Glen also offers a wide variety of standard and premium memorial products that can be personalized for your pet.

Your pet’s cremated remains will be returned in your selected urn along with a certificate of cremation, authenticating that your pet was cremated at Abbey Glen.

Equine Cremation

In addition to small companion animals, we’re able to offer Individual and Communal cremation services for your horses. Please contact us today for more information.

Viewing & Visitation

For some people being able to come to our center to say a final farewell is an integral part of their healing process. For others being close to their pet during the cremation process gives them peace of mind. We offer a tranquil reflection room for the family’s use. Some choose to stay for the entire cremation, while others wish to have one final goodbye. These services are subject to availability and have an additional service fee. Please contact our center for details and availability.