Snow Flake

2016 - 2024

We welcomed into our family Snow Flake; a beautiful white fluffy Great Pyrenees lady, back in May of 2023, after her human parents passed away months before.

Snow Flake was a wonderful and smart lady. Yes, she was a lady. She taught our younger dogs great manners, and she was so in love with our other Great Pyrenees, that he couldn’t do anything wrong. She was very patient with our young Sheepadoodle boy.
We all will love her forever and we will never forget how much she meant to us all.
She will be remembered for how well she protected her adopted family. While everyone was sleeping, including our other two dogs, Show Flake was always on guard. She loved the snowy winter as she made snow angels even if it wasn’t snowing outside she would roll in the grass. She was a really happy lady.

Our family enjoyed watching her eye expressions, as we think, she had the same eyes as the actress Maggie Smith; very expressive. Snow Flake loved going to the office with the boys and her human mom, where she would relax under mom's desk and nap most of the day away. But always kept an eye out for deliveries which most of the time were for her and her adopted younger brothers; like dog toys, dog food, dog treats, and dog bedding.

Snow Flake made us laugh when she showed in her unique way, that the boys were playing too “wild’ and they listened. She was a great den mother to both of them and an amazing dog to her adopted family. We will miss Snow Flake and we will always keep her in our hearts.
As her adopted human parents we know for sure that Snow Flake is at peace and can reconnect with her original human parents which she lost earlier in 2023. We are sure they were waiting for her❤️.

May Snow Flake run like the wind again each day on all fours forever.

RIP Snow Flake 🐾 10.26.2016 - 03.18.2024