2017 - 2023

How we met
My darling Shadow was a rescue from Louisa, VA. It felt like fate. There were 5 other families scheduled to meet him first, and none of them decided to adopt him. I needed an ESA for my PTSD, and I was so anxious… but when I saw him, he rolled onto his back in the grass, rolling around so joyous and carefree, as if to say “I can help!” I’ll never forget the way his little tongue lolled out of the side of his mouth, speckled with black spots.

What Shadow liked.
Shadow loved his brother Bean to the moon and back. He loved snuggling, sitting in warm laps, and taking long naps. More than anything, he loved to sniff. He adored the outdoors, always so curious, and sniffed absolutely everything in sight! Above all, he loved me. He was my shadow, rarely leaving my side, always there whenever I needed him and even when I thought I didn’t. I always did, and I always will.

Shadow's legacy.
Shadow was the best son, friend, emotional support animal, and angel anyone could ever ask for. He will always be remembered for his unconditional love, his quiet but quirky personality, and the joy he gave to everyone who ever met him, but especially me.

His body will also be researched at VT in order to save more dogs with the rare disease that took him far too soon.