2005 - 2022

How we met
I got Razz in 2005 when he was a puppy. I had just moved into an apartment in Manhattan and was delighted to learn that the building allowed dogs. I got Razz and potty trained him to the sound of fire trucks and NYC traffic. He was a true city dog. Until the end, whenever he we be in his old Washington Heights neighborhood, he would come alive. He had lots of personality and swagger and everyone who met him loved him.

What Razz liked.
Razz’s favorite thing was being wherever I was. As a young dog, he was full of energy and would sit on the top of the sofa. As he aged, he slowed down around age 14 and would put his paws on my knees to let me know he wanted to join me. We was a delightful dog.
He also loved cheese and going to the beach at Asbury Park, NJ.

Razz's legacy.
Razz will be remember for all of the lives he touched. He made lots of friends when he lived in the city, including a nice lady who also loved him with all her heart. He would go visit with her while I was at work. She joined us when we said goodbye. Razz had eyes that could melt all he met.
Razz was a brother toe 3 other dogs and survived both Julie and Gemma. He was patient and welcoming to each.