2014 - 2024

PATCHES CAME TO US FROM A VERY ABUSIVE SITUATION FROM HIS PREVIOUS OWNER. WHEN HE FIRST CAME TO OUR HOUSE, HE WAS VERY APPREHENSIVE AND WOULDN'T BARK FOR A WHILE. AS HE GOT MORE COMFORTABLE IN OUR HOUSE, HE BEGAN TO BARK MORE OFTEN AND BECAME VERY COMFORTABLE IN HIS NEW SURROUNDINGS. HE WAS A VERY FRIENDLY DOG AND ANYONE THAT CROSSED PATHS WITH HIM JUST FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM. we were glad that you came to us and glad we were able to giving you a loving home for the rest of your life. you were taken too soon from us but god had a reason for that. you are greatly missed. especially by michael. we know you are reunited with chief and he is taking care of you.