2009 - 2017

How we met
We went to Pet food for fish and sow that playful baby with dark nose and pink dot on her lip and we took her home. She was that scare little girl sitting in the corner without eating and drinking. We had to feed her pice by pice. After few mothers she start getting really friendly and social. She was traveling on evry vacation with us she went to the beach, mountains and road trips. She loved being with us.

What Matsa liked.
She loved parsley and her bed and favorite pillow. She had favorite toy the dolphin that she use to snuggle underneath her bed. Loved to sleep in doggy beds and on my neck. Loved blankets.

Matsa's legacy.
I had 3more guinea pigs through the years. I have never seen so smart and loveable piggy. She was fighter, she had surgery before year but she had that fire in her eyes to get better to be with us and kept giving us love. She was my amazing love bug.