2008 - 2022

How we met
Marcie rescued us in November of 2008 , we had recently lost our beloved Shepherd Jazzy to Cancer a month earlier and our beloved Keeshound Madison who was 15 to multiple organ failure.
Marcie had rough start to life found abandoned and almost dead as a puppy, at 9 years young she woke up paralyzed with 2 herniated discs in her neck, she underwent surgery and fough her way back to 90% recovery,
We are so proud of her and everything that she overcame. A fighter to the end . Love you Mar ie girl,

What Marcie liked.
Pizza crust, running crazy in our back yard taunting us to try and catch her, she loved spending time at her lake house and with family and her best friend and human sister Katie who is Marcie’s favorite.
Marcie's legacy.
We will never forget our special girl, her sweet disposition, love for us, her loyalty and her fight to persevere through all of her challenges. Marcie was the best dog we ever had, intelligent and beautiful inside and out.
Marcie will always be in our hearts and we will all rejoice on the other side of the rainbow bridge one day four our joyful reunion.