2010 - 2023

To our beautiful handsome sweet loving lucky you were your dad’s best everything! His best friend best side kick best eat buddy best companion❤️ there isn’t a day without you that he dosent miss you! But then that goes for a lot of us💔 your uncle brian loved you just as much. I guess that’s why they fought so much over you! There wasn’t a person you met who’s heart you didn’t touch i don’t know if it was those big pupppy dog eyes your sweet old soul Or that big beautiful heart of yours. Whatever it was you had us all eating out of your paws 🐾 and we loved it 🥰 you definitely had my Stella and zoie head over heels in love with You. YOU were the king 👑 of THE hOusehold tothem! How they watched over you Stella playing and teasing you zoie giving you facials Waiting to make sure you were eating watching over you like a hawk making sure that you we ok. Oh how me and uncle Joez do miss you💔 we talk about often hope you hear us. You could drive us a little 🤪 crazy 😉 but oh how much we love you and still wish you were with us! I miss you my snuff i even Miss you bossing me around 😛i so miss hearing your noises and you crawling towards me🥰 you are one am loving beautiful special dog lucky luck. There won’t be another wonder like you again. It has been our honor to have had you in our lives! You have Touched our hearts and souls with y spirit and w will never forget you!! All our love forever until we meet again snuff ♥️ hope you are having a wonderful TIME WITH everyone up i heaven especially uncle yi ♥️💋✌🏻