2010 - 2023

Our Sweet Handsome PRince 👑 There Wasn’t a human that met you that didn’T fall in love with you ♥️ your big beautiful puppy dog eyes melted everyone’s heart and you cou do anything you wanted🥰 and we all spoiled you rotten you Were your dad’s best friend his endearing side kick and your uncle brian’s love which is why they fought over you 😍you were the handsome stud muffin to my girls stella and zoie I don’t know who loved you more 🥰 stella playing and watching over you and zoie watching you cleaning you up giving you facials laying close to you making sure you ate always Keeping a close eye on you. The bond you all hold was so beautiful and powerful it didn’t take Long for you all to fall in love with each other! As for me and you my handsome Snuff how i miss You boss me around And making your noises To tell me go faster or come snuggle with You 💗somedays you made me crazy b no matter what i always did whatever you wanted and needed because i loved you so much❤️we all do!!! We all know There never will be another Lucky luck again in this world again!! You were one amazing beautiful loving special old soul who touched so many people you will forever Be remembered in our hearts ♥️ i hope you are getting lots of love from everyone Up in heaven especially uncel yi ♥️