2012 - 2023

Liberty - aka - libby lou, lib, libs, piggie, and liberty noelle. You were the sweetest, quirkiest, beautiful, and most loyal companion that i could ever ask for. We lived each day like it was the last and we had so many wonderful adventures. Whether we were tent camping, staying in a cabin, or airbnb, we always made our reservations so that we would be able to take you with us. I will treasure all of our memories for the rest of my life. You were the definition of pure unconditional love. I miss you on my daily walks and think about how in your prime you could walk up to seven miles per day during every season with me and dad. I really treasure the memories of when in january 2023, i bought you a dog stroller aka “your buggie,” and you and i would go on our daily adventures. Oh how you loved your buggie and those memories will always be priceless to me. I am so grateful for every day that i had with you even though from eight weeks to 10 1/2 years old was just not enough time. Libby Lou, your absence is gut wrenching and the silence is just miserable. Oh what i wouldn’t give to be able to hug and kiss you, and smell your stinky ears one last time. The only comfort i have is that you are no longer in pain. You are missed terribly our sweet girl. Love you forever.