2005 - 2019

How we met
We wanted to rescue a poodle and have a companionship of our dog Jessie. We would check rescue organizations constantly until we found Kady. We knew instantly she was the one. We fell in love with her picture and bio. We prepared to adopt her but had to convince the organization that we could train Kady to walk on a leash since we did not have a fenced in yard. Within two weeks of Kady being at her new home, she walked around a whole block on her leash. She loved going for walks.

What KADY liked.
Treats!!! Kady loved Rita’s vanilla custard. Other favorite treats were dental chews and doggie cupcakes. She really enjoyed going to a small business pet store to pick out her own treats - literally. Kady would take the bone right off the shelf.

Another of Kady’s favorite things to do was to cuddle with Jessie. Jessie and Kady were inseparable. Kady also loved wagging her tail.

KADY's legacy.
Kady had a strong will to live and enjoyed life. She was a fiesty little girl in a good way. She loved with all her heart. Kady was very smart and learned quickly. She had a sweet personality and a warm body. Anyone who met Kady loved her. She was a sweetheart.