2004 - 2022

How we met
I wanted a female puppy cream-colored toy poodle. I had been checking the newspaper ads (back in 2004). When I found an ad for a cream-colored toy poodle I drove in the cold, icy month of January, 35 minutes to the breeder to meet the female puppy. There she was 10 weeks old, 3 1/2 pounds with ears slightly darker than her body, cute as can be in the laundry basket. When I picked her up, she gave me kisses. I knew from that moment we would have a special bond, unlike any other - Jessie and me!

What JESSIE liked.
Jessie loved playing with her squeaky ball. She would run up the steps to catch it and throw it back to me. She also loved going for car rides and looking out the front window as if she was navigating. Cuddling was another of Jessie’s favorite things to do. Jessie was a champion too winning a musical sit contest, winning a fashion show and several Halloween costume contests. She had fun and enjoyed these. Jessie also loved being with her sisters Ginny, Kady and Gigi and the neighborhood dogs.

JESSIE's legacy.
Jessie had a very comforting nature. She loved running & jumping-jumping as high as my chest for me to catch her. She was nicknamed Super Dog for her strength & agility she had even at the end of her life. While at the drive thru bank, Jessie got excited waiting for the tube to come down with the treat. Jessie brought love, laughter & joy into my life. I have wonderful memories of all the things we did together, trips we took & places we went together. Jessie was a happy, loving and fun dog!