2011 - 2024

This is the post I’ve dreaded since the day I laid my eyes on that fluffy golden yellow ball of fur. I had to make the hardest decision of my life yesterday…to say goodbye to my best friend. Hank came home with me at only 5 weeks old and was not “just a dog” to me; he is my soul dog…my heart…my son with four legs…an irreplaceable companion whose bond with me cannot be replaced or ever put into words.
The last year of your life medically was quite a rollercoaster…so in my head, I thought I had come to accept that my time with you was limited…but nothing could have prepared me for the day it would actually happen. I have never felt such a sadness.
Hank, you have been my best friend for so long (before you could even open your eyes) that I’m not quite sure how to go on in this life without you and our routine. You’ve been by my side through so many milestones of my adult life - through all the highs, and all the very lows. And even in this sadness, I feel so incredibly blessed and lucky that I got to call you mine and love you for 13+ beautiful happy years...and I would choose you over and over again, in every lifetime.
I’ll miss our daily walks, snuggles, hugs, and sloppy kisses, made up songs, dances in the living room, watching you play with your beloved stuffed turtle Shelly, sharing snacks, naps, car rides, and just sitting outside on the deck listening to the birds, looking at the stars, and sitting in the rain or snow. Every person who came in contact with you instantly fell in love, and it was obvious why! You were quite the wild child as a puppy (aka “Devil Dog”) - but you quickly grew out of that phase to become the sweetest, most gentle, relaxed, and fun loving boy. You had a way of bringing peace and calm with just a gentle kiss and stroke of your soft fur.
If love could have saved you, you’d live forever…but a love like this never dies, it just changes shape. I miss you so much, I’ll never stop missing you…but I will see you again on that day He decides to also call me home. Until then, mommy loves you more than any words could express, my sweet angel. 🌈
Hank Drake
05/21/2011 - 6/15/2024