2004 - 2021

How we met
Frankie was only four weeks old when she showed up on the side of our house one August day in 2004. I heard her tiny meow from inside my home. I went out and fed her for a couple days and then took her in. I said, I’ll keep her here until we find a good home for her. Well, almost 17 years later we just never found one and I’m so glad. She brought us nothing but joy and love and I miss her dearly ❤️❤️❤️

What Frankie liked.
Naps, shrimp, playing, sitting on the porch, boxes, hair ties, cuddling up with her family, being outside in the grass, watching the birds and squirrels and last but not least, Tuna!

Frankie's legacy.
She was one of a kind. She made us laugh every day. She was my first “baby.” She had the cutest Brrrrrrrrp meow Ive ever heard.