2006 - 2019

How we met
Choban used to be me and my little sisters friends dog. When they moved to Ireland, they needed somebody to take care of Choban. Since there mom was such good friends with our mother, they gave Choban to us. We all loved him so much, even though he was very annoying at some times. We were all very sad when he died, and are hoping he will be remembered for a long time.

What Choban liked.
Choban loved to roll around on the carpet, playing with his toys, and having his tummy rubbed. He also loved to lick people, which my dad calls “shlorping”.

Choban's legacy.
Choban will be remembered because of where his death was and how he died. He died in the car when we were driving home from Ohio. He didn’t die in pain, though. He died in his sleep. My little sister is going to make a statue of him, and I am going to write about him on it.