2014 - 2019

How we met
I met my beautiful boy in the parking lot where I worked. He was almost hit by a car when I intervened and scooped him up. He stole my heart almost immediately. He had a personality like no other cat I ever encountered. He loved to have his space but always made time to cuddle. Chance completed a piece of my heart I didn’t know was missing. My Chance encounter was meant to be as I know he would have never made it out in that lot too long. I love you baby boy always.

What Chance liked.
He could be mischievous and sweet all mashed in together. I never met a cat who love to play fetch and that was always our favorite thing to play. He loved to agitate his much older sister Lola. He loved to swipe at my feet as I passed him and give me little head bunts. He loved to greet me at the door anytime I came home.

Chance's legacy.
Chance will be remembered for his unconventional cat personality and sweet soul. He will always be my baby boy and Ill remember him for ever. Love you Chance.