2009 - 2018

How we met
I was given Bella as a gift from someone that I gave my old chain link fencing too on Craigslist. She needed the fence because of the puppies, when I asked what kind and she said Great Dane, I told her how much I loved them. So, she simply gave me Bella since I was giving her the fence.
I bought a new house recently and decided to get the fence replaced. I spent the day after Bella’s passing tearing down the old chain link fence because they were ready to build the new one. It felt full circle.

What Bella liked.
Bella loved hiking, going for rides, swimming and going for walks. She loved smelling everything she could. She enjoyed rolling in horse manure when we visited my mom’s farm and chasing bees. She loved peanut butter, rotisserie chicken and could hear me open the cheese drawer in the fridge from upstairs. She loves snuggling and giving me kisses. She loved everyone she met and everyone who met her loved her back.

Bella's legacy.
Bella will be remembered by everyone who met her for her loving personality. I have purchased a lovely custom made urn for her and plan to get her paw print tattooed on me. I’m asking everyone who is coming to my upcoming Halloween party to bring dog food in honor of Bella as a donation to the local shelter. I will do something every year on her birthday and her passing to honor her. I will always remember the way it sounded as she followed me up the stairs to go to bed.