Hoboken NJ Pet Owner's Abbey Glen Cremation Experience

The Right Words Comfort Grieving Hoboken Pet Owner

Often times after the loss of a beloved pet, those around a grieving owner look for ways to offer support and advice. This is a difficult time that can be made more stressful with unintentional comments from individuals who may not connect as deeply with the loss of a pet. During this trying time, pet owners need the support and guidance of an experienced pet aftercare provider. Pet owners will undoubtedly have questions and any qualified pet aftercare provider will be ready and able to answer those questions, provide grief support and offer much needed peace of mind.

"Gail, one of the incredible associates at Abbey Glen, took 45 minutes of her time to talk with me. She explained to me their tracking method and how it ensured that the ashes went back to the right owner." explained a Hoboken pet owner after the devastating loss of his pet. "I couldn't believe the time Gail took to listen, allowing me to share my loss – just amazing. They cannot do enough for you, even after their service is completed."

Extending Compassion After the Loss of a Beloved Pet

Our pets love us unconditionally and we share a special bond like no other. The loss of a pet hurts. And, even if you have been through it yourself, it is difficult to know what to say to someone else after such a loss. Pet advice expert Steven May offered some advice in the essay What to Say, And What Not to Say, Following the Passing of a Pet.

Say this:

"Your pet was lucky to have you."

"Do you remember when ..."

"Is there anything I can do?"

"You did everything you could."

If you have suffered a loss, the Abbey Glen pet cremation team is here to support and guide you through this difficult time