Pet Cremation Services at Abbey Glen’s Pennsylvania Location

"As funeral directors ourselves, we knew when our Westie passed we wanted a place that we could first and foremost TRUST," explained the couple from North Wales, PA who reached out to Abbey Glen's Quakertown facility upon the recommendation of their veterinarian. "Our vet knows that we are very particular and have an extremely high standard of how we run our business, so whoever we dealt with, we would be approaching the situation with above average insight and absolutely the most discerning view. We were pleasantly surprised that the staff at Abbey Glen not only met – but exceeded our expectations." Sue said.

Trustworthy Aftercare Begins with an Experienced and Compassionate Team

At a time of grief, pet owners seek support services and resources that provide comfort. At Abbey Glen, our people make all the difference. From the moment our clients meet any member of the Abbey Glen family, they are treated with dignity and care. Guidance, support and answered questions will provide an undeniable level of comfort and peace of mind. This particular family met with Abbey Glen General Manager Chuck, with 26 years tenure, and Crematory Manager Christa, who has been with Abbey Glen for 18 years. "We know the business. These two individuals were not acting; they were extremely caring, patient and committed, turning a horrible time into a comforting and actually pleasant experience" Sue explains.

Pet Owners Have Cremation Choices

Cremation is a common choice for pet owners and Abbey Glen offers both individual and group cremation services in its state-of-the-art facilities. An individual cremation takes place within 24 hours of receiving the pet at the Abbey Glen facility. Following the service, which the family may opt to attend, the cremains are packaged and returned to the veterinarian, shipped to the client or held for client pickup. A group cremation adheres to the same stringent and regulatory requirements as an individual cremation, however serves as a budget-friendly option for many. Pets are cremated together and cremains memorialized on Abbey Glen's 14 cemetery acres. In this particular case, the family chose an individual cremation and shared, "We highly recommend the private cremation service, which we had for our Westie. Awesome job Chuck and Christa! We will be forever grateful and hope you are justly rewarded throughout your life for all of your good deeds and dedication!"

If you have suffered a loss, the Abbey Glen cremation team will support and caringly guide you through this difficult time