Life Sized Hachi-Kou And Professor Ueno Statue Erected At Abbey Glen


Abbey Glen Erects Hachi-kou Statue

Abbey Glen Pet Memorial Park unveiled an exclusive reproduction of the life-size Hachi-kou and Professor Ueno statue during a dedication ceremony held on their 14-acre property in Lafayette, NJ on October 9th.

Local officials, media and approximately 150 community residents with their pets gathered to view the exclusive U.S. replica and listen to special presenting guests Ambassador Reiichiro Takahashi, the Consul General of Japan in New York City, and Mrs. Yumi McDonald, the author of Reminiscence of Shibuya.

"This 90-year-old story still moves us because it serves as a symbol of how a human and an animal can come to forge a genuine bond. Anyone who has pets must understand this. That is why I think it is quite fitting and proper that this statue should be placed on this beautiful pet cemetery as a reminder to all owners of the unique relationship they enjoyed with their pets resting here", Ambassador Reiichiro Takahashi remarked while delivering his touching speech.

"Abbey Glen is privileged to have been selected as the home for what is a true symbol of the human-animal companion bond. We know that all of those wonderful and compassionate people whom we serve will enjoy the statue for years to come", said Derek Cooke, president of family-owned Abbey Glen.

Those interested in becoming exclusive sponsors and honoring their family or beloved pet by having their choice of name cast in bronze on the donor plaque permanently displayed beside the exclusive U.S. version on Abbey Glen campus, please visit: