Compassionate Pet Cremation Services


Hillsborough NJ, Somerset County Pet Owner's Cremation Story

How One Somerset County Pet Owner Found Comfort With Abbey Glen

At Abbey Glen, we believe in always providing our clients with a personal level of service. We understand that losing a pet is one of the most difficult and challenging times – and the grief is typically accompanied by many questions and unknowns. Our compassionate and experienced team is committed to guiding all of our families through their grief with necessary information and resources.

When it comes to selecting cremation services for a pet, Abbey Glen's vet partners and clients often choose group cremation. There are also those who make the decision to use individual services for their pet. Regardless of the type of service, our team will always take time to ensure that final goodbyes are personalized and memorable and that the cremation services are held to the highest industry standards.

Pee Wee's Aftercare Experience

Countess from Hillsborough, NJ is an Abbey Glen client who recently selected an individual cremation for their family dog, Pee Wee. It was important to Countess and her family to use Abbey Glen, having had a very favorable experience with Abbey Glen 15 years prior.

"While it is always difficult to lose a loved one, having a personalized service that reflected our love for our pet and provided certainty that her remains were properly handled gave us incredible comfort", said Countess.

Once they made the decision, they simply called Abbey Glen with their preferred time and date for the service. From there, the experienced Abbey Glen team managed all of the necessary arrangements, including pick-up from the client's veterinary hospital. When the family arrived at Abbey Glen Pet Memorial Park on the day of the service, they were greeted in the lobby and ushered into a private room so that they could choose the perfect urn for Pee Wee's ashes. After saying their final goodbyes in one of Abbey Glen's private viewing rooms, the family departed. They returned two hours later for Pee Wee's ashes which were now contained in the beautiful urn they had chosen and that included a complimentary PawPals® keepsake with Pee Wee's paw print.

Caring Commitment to our Cremation Clients

Hearing about Countess' experience truly makes what we do worth it. The Abbey Glen team will continue to support pet owners through these difficult times and ensure any service is full of compassion, love and honor.

If you need aftercare for your pet, we are here to help you through the emotionally difficult cremation process.

Whether it's your first experience with Abbey Glen or a return, we will be there every step of the way as you say goodbye to your forever friend.