One-Step Paw Print Kit – No Casting Needed!


Pawpals® Paw Print Kit – no casting required

A new pet, a first-year checkup, a successful surgery or a loving goodbye to a cherished companion – these are the memories of a pet owner, and veterinary practices seek unique ways to help their clients cast these cherished memories into lifetime keepsakes.

Veterinary practices select to partner with Abbey Glen for many reasons, including access to exclusive and patented products like Pawpals®, a paw print memory kit. Whether to memorialize a pet or to mark the many milestones of a pet's life, Pawpals® provides a lasting visual memory of our beloved companions.

So Much Easier To Use Than Traditional Clay Paw Print Kits

Pawpals® is unlike traditional clay imprints because it is one-step, instant, and easy to use. Pawpals® requires no kneading, mixing, baking or drying. Simply lift the case frame, press the paw into the memory material and it is ready! Each kit comes with a replacement impression pad and a place for a pet photo.

Invaluable Client Keepsake Product for Veterinarians

For vets, the simplicity of this product and the fact that clients can leave their hospital with a lasting memory in hand make Pawpals® an invaluable product for veterinary practices throughout the country. The loss of a pet can be unbearable. Pawpals® has proven to assist pet owners by reducing the stress and anxiety for those facing the reality of a pet's passing or the need for euthanizing. It assists with closure by providing an instant keepsake that provides a lasting visual memory.

A Memorial Pet Owners Will Cherish

"There was a framed paw print sitting on the stand on the left side of our Celtie – that was Celtie's front paw print. This immediately brought tears to our eyes ... but oh, what a lasting memory" shared one New Jersey pet owner recalling the moment she first saw the Pawpals® for her dog, Celtie.

Veterinary practices and hospitals interested in learning more about Pawpals® paw print kit can call Judy at 732-522-9528.