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National Mutt Day – Pet Adoption in Morris and Sussex County NJ

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In 2005, Colleen Paige, Animal Welfare Advocate and Celebrity Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, established National Mutt Day. This special day is in honor of mixed breed dogs and is actually celebrated twice throughout the year, on July 31st and December 2nd, with a mission to foster dialogue and educate about mixed breed dogs.
Mixed breed dogs are well behaved, healthy, and live long lives. They can perform the duties of pure bred dogs – however there are millions of mutts left in shelters waiting for a loving home.

A Passion for Pets

We recognize the amount of love our clients have for their pets and we hope all dogs have the opportunity to experience that love. We are proud to spread the word about National Mutt Day with the hope that more mixed breed dogs will find a loving home.

  • Vernon Township Animal Shelter, Vernon, NJ
  • Lakeland Animal Haven, Kenvil, NJ
  • Father John's Animal House, Lafayette, NJ