Hachi-Kou and Professor Ueno Letter


Abbey Glen's Hachi-Kou statue

Since welcoming and unveiling the Hachi-kou and Professor Ueno statue in October, the Cooke family and the entire Abbey Glen staff have felt such pride each time we pass the memorial statue as we enter our facility. It is a consistent reminder of our mission – to memorialize the unique bond between man and animal. We believe the statue honors Hachi-kou and also each and every pet that has been memorialized through Abbey Glen. When you look at the statue, you can't help but feel the love between Professor Ueno and Hachi-kou. At Abbey Glen, we understand that love and work hard to always honor that relationship - even through loss and grief.

Recently, Ms. Yumi McDonald, who served as the liaison in our project and played an enormous role in developing our relationship with the University of Tokyo, sent out a lovely message. In it, she mentions Abbey Glen and we are both proud and thankful to continue this international friendship rooted in our common appreciation for the bond between man and animal.

We are pleased to share with you her message below.

Dear Friends,

I am writing this letter to those who read my book on Hachiko or those whom I met through Hachiko related events.

This year, I helped to erect the exclusive reproduction of the statue of professor Ueno and Hachiko at the University of Tokyo here in New Jersey at Abbey Glen Pet Memorial Park. It is my blissful joy that now many people can see this heartwarming statue in America as well.

Recently, I visited Hachiko's birthplace in a town called Odate in Akita prefecture, which is in the northeastern part of Japan. Akita is famous for its delicious rice and the rice field scenery of Odate is beautiful.

I felt quite emotional thinking of the two month old Hachiko that left this small village on his own on a steam locomotive train to Tokyo where he would be adopted by professor Ueno in 1923.

More than 90 years later, people all over the world line up to have their pictures taken next to his statue in Shibuya, and statues of him are now being built in foreign countries such as America and Cambodia.

I hope you will have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year!

Yumi McDonald