Our Compassionate Team Is Here To Guide You Through The Cremation Process And Treat Your Pet With Love And Respect


Advanced Pet Cremation Services

At Abbey Glen, we understand that losing a pet is one of the most difficult and challenging times – and the grief is typically accompanied by many questions and unknowns. Many decisions need to be made such as deciding if you would like to be present for a private viewing, and choosing between an individual or group cremation or a formal burial. We are here to help guide you through the memorial process, answer questions, and ultimately, care for your pet with the upmost respect and love.

We Offer Individual and Group Cremation Options

Abbey Glen clients may select individual cremation or group cremation, which is an honorable alternative where we maintain the same stringent regulatory requirements as with an individual cremation. When a pet owner chooses individual cremation, it takes place within 24 hours of receiving the pet at our facility. Following the service, remains are packaged and returned to the veterinarian, shipped to the client directly or held for client pickup. With group cremation, pets are cremated together and cremains are memorialized on our beautiful 14-acre grounds.

Revolutionary New Cremation Choices

Regardless of the type of cremation, Abbey Glen clients and veterinary partners enjoy peace of mind knowing our rigorous standards, compassionate care and the value we place in state-of-the-art technology. To that end, we recently invested in and installed the latest cremation technology in our facilities. What's so unique about this revolutionary machinery? Each cremation chamber is 100% independent and enclosed on all six sides. There is zero "comingling", which allows for multiple private and independent pet cremations.

Awarded the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's Environmental Stewardship Award, this technology is exclusive to Abbey Glen and unavailable at any other crematory in the Northeast.

Since 1975, Abbey Glen is proud to have led the industry with an uncompromising reputation for excellence and integrity. This latest technology investment brings new options to pet owners and veterinary clients and is another example of our steadfast commitment to providing the highest standards in aftercare.

If you need aftercare for your pet, we are here to help you through the emotionally difficult cremation or burial process. Whether it's your first
experience with Abbey Glen or a return, our caring staff will be there every step of the way, as you say goodbye to your forever friend.

We offer pick up services throughout the NYC, Hudson Valley, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania area.