Compassionate Aftercare Services For Your Beloved Pet


Pet Cremation for Montgomery County PA Client

At Abbey Glen, our priority is providing our clients comfort, guidance and dignified services following the unfortunate loss of a pet. We understand that it is an emotional and confusing time, and in many instances the passing of a pet is unexpected. There are many decisions to be made about aftercare services, and those can become even more difficult when coping with grief.

Delivering Cremation Choices

Most pet owners will choose either an individual or group cremation. Both services are offered by Abbey Glen and both adhere to the same strict regulations and protocol. We are also proud to have recently invested in the latest state-of-the-art cremation technology at each of our facilities – allowing our clients even more options. With this new machinery, each cremation chamber is completely independent and enclosed on all six sides, resulting in the ability to have multiple private and independent cremations with absolutely no "comingling".

The Importance of a Final Goodbye

Regardless of the cremation option our clients select, our compassionate team will always ensure that pet owners and their families have the appropriate private time for a final goodbye. A pet owner from Harleysville, Pennsylvania recently wrote to express his appreciation for the care that our staff extended after the recent loss of his cat, Snuggles.

"We had used Abbey Glen back in 2006 when we lost our cat Puffin and they were very professional, kind and considerate. So, I did not hesitate to use them again," he remembers. "I spoke with Chuck on the phone to arrange for Snuggles' cremation and he was so compassionate and understanding. When we arrived for the cremation with Snuggles they had arranged for a private room for our final goodbyes. They gave us plenty of time to spend with her before the cremation which was so important to my wife and I," he concluded.

If you have lost a pet and are struggling with the many decisions before you, our qualified and professional team is here to help you through the emotionally difficult cremation or burial process – and allow for you to grieve and say goodbye on your terms.

Abbey Glen offers cremation services through the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, NYC, and Hudson Valley area.