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Studies confirm that caregivers, like veterinarians and veterinary technicians, are often subject to Compassion Fatigue. Day in, day out, they deliver compassionate care and are called upon to help families cope with grief and extremely difficult decisions regarding their pets' passing. In fact, almost fifty percent of veterinarians have end-of-life discussions with pet owners more than 11 times per month. Compassion Fatigue is very real and manifests as a general feeling of burnout, exhaustion and frustration. Beyond the personal effects, it can also negatively affect the health and growth of a veterinary practice.

Online Courses Developed By Pet Loss and Communication Experts

With the objective to address best practices in combatting Compassion Fatigue, as well as critical end-of-life practice training, Abbey Glen has partnered with Compassion Understood to deliver three distinct online, CE-accredited training courses. This is not simply bereavement training, but rather essential curriculum that meets a palpable need within every practice and for everyone within the hospital – from owners to technicians to front office staff. These courses have been developed by pet loss and communication experts, under the supervision of educational specialists, as well as insights from hundreds of pet owners who have shared their experiences.


Preparing for and Nearing End-of-Life

Designed for Veterinarians and Technicians
  • Understanding the Pet Owner
  • Introducing the 4th Life Stage, Quality of Life Assessment and Tools
  • Decision-making and End-of-life Discussions
  • Introduction to Palliative and Hospice Care
  • Compassionate Communication

The Pet's Passing

Designed for Veterinarians and Technicians
  • Euthanasia: Mindsets and Challenges
  • Bond-centered Euthanasia: The Vet Professional's Guide
  • Home Euthanasia and Other Scenarios
  • Moving Toward Bond-centered End-of-life Care: Building Protocols for the Clinic
  • Reflective Practice: Self-evaluation and Team Care

The Client Journey

Designed for Veterinarians, Technicians and Administrative Staff
  • Moving Toward a Bond-centered Approach
  • The Client Journey Part 1: Before the Last Appointment
  • The Client Journey Part 2: After the Last Appointment
  • Supporting the Client After Their Pet's Passing
  • Bringing Everything Together

Our unmatched integrity, service and exclusive value-added offerings are just a few of the many reasons Abbey Glen is able to make a difference in veterinary practices throughout the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area.

What People Are Saying About This Training

"This program was priceless, packed full of great ideas, thought provoking material and full of information to help the entire team become better professionals, and more importantly, more compassionate human beings" said Nicole Herbert, CVT Practice Manager of Clover Hill Animal Hospital.
"Learning how to become better listeners, how to be more empathetic to people's individual circumstances and how to ease what is for some one of the most difficult decisions to make helps us be better in all of our relationships. The modules were helpful in getting the participants to really think about how they feel personally and then how to apply certain skills in the professional setting to allow our clients to communicate how they feel and what they want in difficult situations with their pets. It really helped to improve our communication skills, which is a benefit in every aspect of what we do. I highly recommend this program for any clinic wanting to improve their skills and bond their clients to their practice."

Contact Judy Audinis at 732-522-9528 or email judy@abbeyglen.com for more information on Compassion Understood educational courses and the preferred pricing offered to Abbey Glen veterinary partners.