memorial options

We provide a unique variety of memorial options at Abbey Glen ...

pet interment in gazebo

... including interment of your pet's ashes in our Columbarium and Hilltop Gazebo .

serene pet burial

The hilltop gazebo is a peaceful location to enjoy the scenery and serenity of our grounds.

clients sharing personal stories on their pet, cremation and burial services

Clients often socialize and share stories about their pets in our waiting room and library.

wide selection of urns for pet cremation

Pet Cremation

If you would like to take your loved one's ashes home, individual cremation is the right choice for you. Individual cremation takes place within 24 hours of our receiving your pet at Abbey Glen. Following the service, your pet's cremains will be carefully packaged and either returned to your veterinarian, shipped directly to your home or held at Abbey Glen for you to collect. You may even elect to be present for your pet's cremation. If you choose to be present, please contact us directly at your time of need to reserve a day that works for you. The choice is yours.

Planning Ahead

It is difficult to imagine the time when our pets will leave us. Abbey Glen can ease the burden by helping you to plan ahead. Making plans now will allow you to enjoy your pet, knowing that the difficult decisions about final care have already been made. Arranging a pre-need cremation now will spare you and your family the burden of having to make complicated decisions during a difficult and emotionally stressful time.

review of pet cremation options

Compassionate pet cremation options in the Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, NYC, Hudson Valley, NJ, and PA area

working toward closure with our grief counselors

Our clients enjoy a safe and comfortable environment in which to work towards closure.

saying goodbye to pet before cremation

To say a last goodbye is a comfort that aids in achieving closure and dispels any doubts about the cremation process.

being present for the pet cremation process

Every step of the cremation process can be viewed by our clients.

choosing urn for cremains

Cremains are placed into your choice of urn. Identification is of great concern throughout the process.