pet memorial marker

Memorial markers are available in bronze and granite and integrate with the park's lovely country setting.

pet mausoleum in gazebo

As well as individual markers, we provide a unique variety of memorial options at Abbey Glen including interment in our Hilltop Mausoleum.

peaceful memorials

The hilltop gazebo offers a peaceful location to enjoy the scenery and serenity of our grounds.

entrance to pet cemetery
park-like pet cemetery

Our Pet Cemetery

Abbey Glen is the most beautiful pet cemetery in the country. Nestled on 14 landscaped acres in northern New Jersey and surrounded by an additional 60 acres of land, the park is an idyllic sanctuary designed especially for the memorialization of animals. Designed in 1982 by the chief architect of the U.S. Veterans' Cemeteries, Abbey Glen is a source of pride and the deed has been legally restricted to ensure this land will never be used as anything other than a final resting place for animal companions.

Formal Burial

Formal burials are arranged much in the same way that you would arrange for the burial of a family member. You can choose from various interment sections ranging from below ground interment in our various lawn areas or above ground interment in our Hilltop Columbarium. The next step is to choose a casket and memorial marker for your pet from our showroom. Markers are available in various materials and will display your pet's name and your heartfelt sentiment. All arrangements can be made by meeting with us directly or by phone. Our counselors will help select a program that best suits you and your budget – requests vary from the most ordinary to the extraordinary. You can choose to be present for the burial procedure to say goodbye to your loyal friend.

map of Abbey Glen's pet cemetery

Abbey Glen's pet cemetery is a serene resting place for loved ones from the Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, NYC, Hudson Valley, NJ, and PA area

cemetery area to honor service pets

Service Pets

The American flag flies high marking a special section at Abbey Glen, reserved for seeing eye and therapy dogs, police canines and horses, who have dedicated their lives to public service.

gifts for the beautification of the cemetery

Special Gifts

We're often asked about special donations for the care and beautification of Abbey Glen. Donations or bequests may be included in a will. These gifts are greatly appreciated and are recognized with engraved plaques on display in our Memorial Library.

beautiful statues throughout cemetery