Attended cremations ... because we understand the importance of a final goodbye

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For so many of our clients, attending the cremation process aids with peace of mind, comfort and closure. For those choosing individual cremation, Abbey Glen offers the opportunity for a private viewing at either facility.


Abbey Glen is now offering the opportunity for same-day viewing at our Lafayette, New Jersey location.
No appointment is necessary Monday through Friday. On Saturdays cremations can only be attended between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM and an appointment is required.
This facility offers:

  • Newly renovated rooms
  • Custom services

Appointments are necessary at the Abbey Glen facility in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.
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Every step of a very careful, compassionate and dignified cremation process can be viewed in the comfort of our private rooms at either facility. With strict attention to detail, cremains are always returned in an elegant wooden urn, or you can select from a wide selection of specialty urns, jewelry or other special keepsakes.

It is difficult to imagine the time when our pets will leave us, and it is never easy to say goodbye. At Abbey Glen, our compassionate team works to ensure that pet owners and their families have the much-needed support, resources and guidance during this time of grief. Additionally, we understand that all families need the appropriate private time for a final goodbye.