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You and Your Pet Deserve the Best

Our pets provide a lifetime of unconditional love and in return we provide them with food, shelter, love and medical care. When the special relationship with our animal companions comes to an end, it is a comfort to know that your pet's body is going to be treated with dignity and care. Transportation, cremation and burial services are available directly through us or your veterinary hospital and our caring staff will transport your pet to Abbey Glen for the service of your choice. You can also personally transport your pet to Abbey Glen if you prefer.

Can I Plan Ahead?

It is difficult to imagine the time when our pets will leave us. We could ease the burden by helping you plan ahead. Making plans now will allow you to enjoy the time with your pet, knowing that the difficult decision about final care has been made and will not have to be faced during a time of grief.

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Compassionate pet cremation and burial services in the NYC, Hudson Valley, NJ, and PA area

More Pet Owners Trust Our Cremation and Burial Services

Our dedication, innovation and professionalism surpass that of all other less established services. It is evident in our people, our magnificent 14-acre memorial park located in Lafayette, NJ and our two state-of-the-art cremation facilities.

Not a Traditional
Pet Cemetery

Abbey Glen Memorial Park, located in Lafayette, NJ is a monument to our animal companions in the form of a memorial park. As an alternative to upright headstones and often depressing atmosphere of traditional cemeteries, Abbey Glen offers a pristine park-like setting, inspiring surroundings and peaceful ambience throughout the awe-inspiring grounds.

Visitors are welcome to bring their children and dogs any day between dawn and dusk to walk around the lawns, roads and trails throughout the park and admire scenic lookouts, statues, landscaping, shrubbery and flowers throughout the year.

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We welcome you to Abbey Glen

We offer a variety of services to assist you and your loved ones during your time of need. Our study offers a comfortable area to reflect on your beloved family pet or browse our collection of urns and paw prints available for purchase.